Germania Tour Site 9

#9 -- Germania “Methodist” Cemetery

Location: Unnumbered Dirt Driveway On Eagle Road Approximately ½ Mile East Of Junction Of CTH N And Eagle Road

This cemetery is often referred to as the Germania Methodist Cemetery, to distinguish it from the Germania Lutheran Cemetery located a mile or so farther east on Eagle Road. Many of the original members of the Colony who came from Massachusetts are buried in this cemetery. The lives of people connected to Henrietta (Jones) Ellis Peirce Hall who are buried in this cemetery span the years from the birth of Major Abraham Peirce (Henrietta’s second husband) in 1800, to the passing and burial of Carolyn (Bandt) Dahlke (2009) and Mina (Bahler) Kuhn (2015), both daughters of Angelina [Phillips] Bandt, a descendant of Henrietta. The history of the Germania Colony is rooted in opposition to slavery and fervent faith in a divine providence. It is generally regarded as the longest-thriving religious commune in Wisconsin history, and its heritage continues through the memories of its descendants and the efforts of the Germania Historical Society.