About This App

This app was developed in conjunction with the Wisconsin Friends of John Muir and the Marquette County Historical Society. Its hosting and signage is paid for by Marquette County. All app content copyright 2016 Kathleen McGwin.

Be sure to explore every page, link, and downloadable activity sheets and tours that you find within this app. There are dozens of activities, maps and worksheets you can print out ahead of your visits to the different sites. There are additional routes and tours you can discover. If you like to walk, or saunter, as John Muir encouraged, check out the Marquette County Saunter Sites on the More Marquette County page. One of the many activities is to make yourself a nature journal and keep notes about your experiences, even making sketches about plants and landscapes you see like John Muir did on these pages of his journal in 1867. The goals of this route are to help you learn about John Muir, visit places he visited, but also see landscapes like he and other early settlers would have seen, learn about what the culture and society was like when he grew up here as a boy and learn about plants, animals and birds as well as geology. But you do it all in a hands-on, fun way! Enjoy the Marquette County John Muir Nature and History Route.