How To Use This App

You can access this app by scanning the QR code on any of the signs or literature about the app. Or you can use your phone to call 608-433-0571 from your smartphone to receive the URL for the app. Or you can put into your browser on your tablet, laptop or PC to access the app.

This app provides you with text, images, links to other sites, and downloadable and printable PDFs that will enhance your visits.

The HOME button on the bottom of the page brings you back home.

The MAP button takes you to the Google map of sites. You can touch the numbered sites and it pulls up the site name. Touch the site name and it takes you to the site page.

To navigate using the Google Map: Touch the Map navigation button at the bottom of this app to locate your position and find nearby points of interest. When the map page loads, touch the person icon in the upper left of the map to show your current location.

The SITES button at the bottom of the screen brings up a list of sites as well as more pages with additional information. Touch the Site button, scroll to what you want to see and touch that to open it.

FAQs is a list of frequently asked questions about John Muir in Marquette County. Visit this page to learn a timeline of the Muir's family life in Marquette County.

Be sure to look for more things to do at some sites including birds you might see and family activities. Some of the pdf activities can be printed off before you start on your Marquette County John Muir Nature and History Route adventure so that children or adults can have fun completing the activities.

Also look for other auto tours with history guides that you can take in Marquette County. A complete list of them can be found on the Other Tours page and some are linked to other pages.