Germania Tour Site 4

#4 -- The Mill Ditch

Location: N6906 CTH N

As the Germania dam was built, the Colony members also dug a “ditch” parallel to the Mecan River, in order to provide a controlled water flow for powering a grist mill situated near the junction of CTH N and Eagle Road. The mill burned in 1899, and one of the millstones was subsequently recovered and delivered to the Marquette County Historical Society in Westfield. The Germania creamery was later built just south of the original mill location, and part of that building still remains standing. Another long-standing Germania landmark, the Germania general store, owned at one point by F. W. Matz, was situated on the southwest corner of the intersection.

  • <p>Julius Warnke in front of the Germania Creamery 1902</p>
  • <p>The Germania grist mill</p>
  • <p>Ernest Weckwerth was butter maker working with the wooden butter tubs in the Germania Creamery.</p>