Germania Tour Site 5

#5 -- The Germania School

Location: N6866 18th Court, At The South End Of The Access Road Directly Across From The “Methodist” Church (N1968 Eagle Road)

Several years after settling in Germania, Benjamin Hall received a considerable inheritance upon the death of his brother, which he used for the benefit of the Colony’s fortunes both in and outside of Germania. For example, he built a woolen mill in Montello and sold it after several years of operation. He also helped finance the construction of the Germania school, which served the children of the community and the area until the 1950’s. Remnants of the teeter-totters, slippery slide, and merry-go-round can still be seen today. After the closing of the school, its care transferred to the township of Shields. Family gatherings and elections were regularly held in the building, and it still holds many memories for long-time area residents.

  • <p>Germania School</p>
  • <p>George Phillips teacher</p>